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I am no longer offering readings or psychic services in order to focus on my own personal healing and spiritual study

I will continue to post messages regularly as I discover interesting bits of wisdom that I feel deserve to be shared.

The times we live in can seem very dark and scary.  If you feel like giving up, you are not alone.  I have also been in that very dark place filled with nothingness.

If you need emotional support and you feel like you are at the end of a rope, staring into a bottle of pills, or contemplating a fatal jump, please stop and send me a message!

The world needs your energy now more than ever!

All of my work is created out of my love for expressing the truth and inspiring hope, knowledge and justice to all beings.

There are many ways you can support me in continuing doing this work, including (but not limited to) sharing my content with your audience, making regular donations, subscribing to my podcast on a monthly basis, or purchasing my merchandise or crystals.

We are involved in several ongoing projects including creating educational toys, games and books for new world children, instituting new world education, and (a project I am especially excited about), designing and building an intentional, off-grid, organic, ultra-spiritual, family-oriented living community and shamanic retreat in North America, of which you can potentially be a part. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept in the loop.

When you support my productions with your gifts and donations, you are aligning with the frequency I am creating and you are giving yourself permission to experience it more. You become a co-creator, collaborating on the creation of a new world of freedom, liberty, abundance and the advancement of the human race.

Thank you!



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