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I express deep gratitude to all of the truthers and light workers who both shared their awakening experiences in 2020 and to the wave of newly awakening people who have benefited from hearing them - thank you for showing up!

Moving forward with Season 2, I will continue to create deep esoteric content via cosmic conversations with leaders and wayshowers about relevant spiritual topics. I will be going deeper with more episodes on specific themes tailored to the gifts and expertise of the interviewee.

If you would like to co-create content with me, please send me a message!

The world needs to hear your remarkable story now more than ever!

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All of my work is created out of my love for expressing the truth and inspiring hope, knowledge and justice to all beings.

There are many ways you can support me in continuing doing this work, including (but not limited to) sharing my content with your audience, making regular donations, subscribing to my podcast on a monthly basis, or purchasing my merchandise or crystals.

We are involved in several ongoing projects including creating educational toys, games and books for new world children, instituting new world education, and (a project I am especially excited about), designing and building an intentional, off-grid, organic ultra-spiritual living community and shamanic retreat in North America, of which you can potentially be a part. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept in the loop.

When you support my productions with your gifts and donations, you are aligning with the frequency I am creating and you are giving yourself permission to experience it more. You become a co-creator, collaborating on the creation of a new world of freedom, liberty, abundance and the advancement of the human race.

Thank you!



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With the rapidly shifting energies, I am no longer offering general personal services, such as readings & healings. I seek to work with people who are called to their personal ascension in this lifetime.

I will accept a few coaching clients on a voluntary, mutually agreed upon understanding. You must be intrinsically motivated & absolutely committed to your personal ascension process.

The work I am being guided to do with people is very important, deep and beyond basic guidance.


I am darkness, but I bring the darkness to light.

I am the guide that rocks a child softly so that they can heal, and walk through their pain, but then I take their hand and guide them forward through their own dark places when they understand that they are seen for exactly who they are and they are accepted. I accept others in their darkest states, so long as they are trying to heal and improve themselves. I do not tolerate false darkness, negativity, coming into my auric field for negative purposes with no intention of fixing or improving itself or raising its vibration.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to let go of your limiting beliefs in order to create a magical reality for yourself and have fun doing it? Do you feel guided to work with me?

If you are certain that the answer is yes to all of these questions, please send me a message to determine if we are in alignment.


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