Connecting Consciousness

In order to serve you better, I am offering general readings and psychic services under the heading of intuitive coaching in order to achieve an intimate spiritual connection and to facilitate a more focused personal healing experience. 

The work I am being guided to do is very important, deep and beyond basic guidance. I seek to work with people who are called to personal ascension in this lifetime.

I will accept new coaching clients on a voluntary, mutually agreed upon understanding. One must be intrinsically motivated & absolutely committed to the personal ascension process. 

If you feel we are in alignment, please visit my secure webstore.

I will continue to post collective messages regularly as I discover interesting bits of wisdom that I feel deserve to be shared.

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"During this time of great transition, money (the tool of enslavement) will become our tool of liberation. By investing our resources on transitional activities, building foundations, and knowledge sharing, we are working toward a world that is liberated from the scarcity-driven mindset and behaviors that have cause every major problem on this planet. We must utilize money to build systems that are based in abundance mindset and behaviors so we can break this generational curse and create a new paradigm for ourselves and the future of humanity. " - Michael Tellinger, founder of One Small Town

When you support us, you are supporting the creation of several ongoing projects including educational toys, games and books for new world children, instituting new world education, and (a project I am especially excited about), designing and building an intentional, off-grid, organic, ultra-spiritual, family-oriented living community and shamanic retreat in North America, of which you can potentially be a part, but most of all producing courses and content that educates people about spirituality and the Law of One.

All of our work is created out of my love for expressing the truth and inspiring hope, knowledge and justice to all beings.

There are many ways you can support us in continuing doing this work, including (but not limited to)

sharing our content with your audience,

downloading our videos, my ebooks or meditations, 

making a donation,

subscribing to the podcast on a monthly basis,

becoming a supporting member,

wearing or using my merchandise,

ordering a Spirit Drawing or

purchasing crystals.

When you support our productions with your gifts and donations, you are aligning with the frequency we are creating and you are giving yourself permission to experience it more.

You become a co-creator, collaborating on the creation of a new world of freedom, liberty, abundance and the advancement of the human race.

Thank you!

Thank you for connecting with us

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