“The reading I received continued to expand in meaning and bloom as I grew.  My understanding of what Christina said blossomed and I understood more and more.  I greatly appreciate your guidance.  Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Sylvia, USA

“ Speechless in the most positive of ways. I highly recommend anyone reading this to have a session with Black Swan Sibyl. For the first time in (I don't know how long) I am starting to feel the ability to love again 💕and believe that this much needed opening is just started. I feel her Team is still working on me just cause I asked them to "do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to remove the blocks and get me where I long to be"...I will be back. Thank you 😊!! 🙏🏼 ❤️ ✨

Ginger, Finland

Christina is an amazing spiritual guide and teacher.

I am so thankful that we connected and I appreciate all that she does to guide me and direct me on my path towards my life purpose. I trust her advice and her spiritual guidance. She is also extremely kind and gracious. I recommend her to anyone in spiritual need!
Lamarr, USA

Amazing woman... Inspirational Christina, who has such a sincere, comforting, intuitive presence when she reads, teaches, and shares her experiences, readings, poetry, and love. Spot on! 

Gina, USA

“ I had a healing session with Black Swan Sibyl through Skype it was amazing with the help of Sirius B team. It wasn't scary but felt comfort and joy and love. I strongly recommend a healing session with Black Swan Sibyl. It was an awesome experience. I'm ready to go again. Namaste 🙂 ”

Sharon, Australia

“She has changed everything for me.

I had an amazing experience yesterday with Christina. I attended a live broadcast of one of her readings and the tarot card she pulled for me really resonated with pretty much something I've been dealing with since childhood. It was card to release a burden I had been carrying with me. I said the mantra that was on my card and after about a minute, I felt a surge of energy. I don't know if I was feeling negative energy leaving me or if I was feeling healing energy enter me, but it felt incredible. I did a quick grounding and after I opened my eyes, I saw a light that was the color teal and I noticed in my cigarette smoke a streak of teal and then there was a teal orb in front of me. It was very peaceful feeling. I've never felt more relaxed and the nausea that I've experienced most of my life is gone. I feel at peace and harmony with everything and I feel a constant energy of love, especially when I'm outside. I can stay in the present almost all the time and stay in touch with my inner self. I've showed my appreciation to my guides but I want to thank Christina from the bottom of my heart.”
Jess, USA

“ Christina is a very kind and gentle soul. She can guide you and connect you with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to receive messages that will improve your life, assist your with indecisions, and give you important things to ponder. Be open to receive whatever messages come through and Christina is there to help you understand the messages. This type of insight and connection can be a game changer in your life. ”

Tricia, USA

I always love getting readings from Christina. I always seem to catch it right when she's pulling one for me. It always resonates with me and I simply love her energy. I have gotten to know her better over the past few months and feel a connection with her that is very organic. Highly recommended. <3 ”

Haley, USA

“ I had a reading off of Black Swan Sibyl. Her reading was 100% spot on in everything that she said, every word and I didn't send a photo of myself for her to go by. It was like a blessing to me to hear her read. It resonated so much to me and i am going to take the advice that I was given. I recommend Black Swan Sibyl to all. I would like to meet her in person very comforting voice and energy from her. Namaste 🙂 ”

Sharon, Australia

I love the work you do 🙂 Thank you for the ET healing that you offered. I could really feel my plexus and heart becoming softer then they were before. Like something was keeping them stone solid. This led to a lot of anger releasing, and later on even crying, which is very hard for me to do BTW. And it's still going, showing me more and more of myself. :D. Thank you Christina <3 ”

Peter, Slovenia

You were definitely brought to this world to open the eyes and ears of others and guide them to be what they're destined to be. ”

Jordyn, USA

“ I don't know if this just caught me at the right time, or in the right frame of mind, or if it was the way you presented it with such composure and grace, I really felt relaxed and accepted all of those positive notions very well. So I guess the entire video did resonate with me as well as some things in particular ~ and even though I'm not really familiar with 'readings' and such, I rather enjoyed it and appreciated your energy in it's delivery. ”

Dave, USA

“ Almost a year ago I had a really special meeting with Christina in Arnhem. Christina taught me a lot about us human beings being sensitive and gifted in many special ways. I also got my cards read and it gave me a lot of insight in what choices to make. Christina is a really warm person and she helped me to understand and accept my true feelings and sensitivity. thank you Christina, I am looking forward to another meeting! ”

Eva, The Netherlands

Thanks, Christina, for your reading!

Every card spoke to me and gave a soft but strong push forward ~ especially to stop procrastinating ~ You really get to the heart of the matter. ”

Anjane, Germany
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