Free Thought Project Vlog Post

New vlog post of my thoughts on opinions.. everyone has them.  The problem arises when we try to force others to think like we do.  First of all, it’s not possible because we are unique beings, second of all, free thought is your BIRTHRIGHT!

The Dance

Shout out for all the sojourns  Those on the way  Journeymen  Wayfarers The ones Who are walking The walk Of life Walking the talk Talking the walk Moving forward when things seem so  Hard Scary Uncertain  Unstable  Understanding that the only way  Out is through  One foot in front of the other Both feet into

It's You

It’s your attention I’ve been pining for It’s your ears I’ve been singing to It’s your eyes I’ve been drawing for It’s for your mind I’ve been performing  It’s you who is the long lost part of me The one who sees and understands me When your fears aren’t in the way You have a

Old Soul

This isn’t my first time around on this planet I’ve done this many times before I am an old soul Older than the planet earth Older than the stars I’ve been here since the beginning of time Since before people lived on Mars I’ve seen the violence man can cause  I’ve seen wars and suffering,

Status Update 17/02/20 23:23

It has become incredibly evident in the past few weeks, with the energy that has been coming in from the planets and the sun, that I (and many others) have become increasingly powerful and the ability to feel and read everything around me is getting stronger. This is not going to diminish anytime soon. Or


How much time does it take to unlearn Everything that I’ve been taught Regular meetings and study and absorbing  The teachings of the truth according to a cult To believe in a savior A blood sacrifice A ransom paid for my sinful soul Never good enough Never perfect Always slaving Always serving I was taught