What Does Your Body Need to Heal?

Right or wrongLet's write a songAbout all of the thingsThat feel so rightUsing your brainSaying your nameLooking your own selfIn the eyesYour reflection in a mirrorCouldn't be any clearerA child's bright eyesSmiling so wideRadiating loveFrom deep insideThe child is youThey know what's trueFor guidanceGo to the child inside 4:44DreamingAskingWhat does your body need to heal?Tender

The Thing About Relationships

There's this thing about relationships that I have been noticing since I've awakened.  I see this in myself and in others who come to me for advice.  We all have a common denominator when it comes to being in a relationship. We have what's called relationship goals. We want to be loved and adored and

It's You

It’s your attention I’ve been pining for It’s your ears I’ve been singing to It’s your eyes I’ve been drawing for It’s for your mind I’ve been performing  It’s you who is the long lost part of me The one who sees and understands me When your fears aren’t in the way You have a

First and Last

You were the first  And hopefully the last You were the first one to see me  And the last one to love me You were the first one to listen And the last one to hold me You were the first one to help me  The last one to heal me You were the first

A Million Reasons to Love You

I love you for taking the time to read all of my chapters, and allowing me to read all of yours. I love you for saving me from the danger, by empowering me to save myself.  I love you for facing your demons, and supporting me as I face mine.  I love you for being


I miss your hands I miss watching your fingers play your hexagram game And how they move across the keyboard so elegantly  I miss your long slender fingers as you move them to your mouth And peek through them when you’re bashful or embarrassed  I miss that dot that always catches my eye And keeps