What Does Your Body Need to Heal?

Right or wrongLet's write a songAbout all of the thingsThat feel so rightUsing your brainSaying your nameLooking your own selfIn the eyesYour reflection in a mirrorCouldn't be any clearerA child's bright eyesSmiling so wideRadiating loveFrom deep insideThe child is youThey know what's trueFor guidanceGo to the child inside 4:44DreamingAskingWhat does your body need to heal?Tender

Forgive the Groupthink

In all fairness, not one of us can actually see the big picture in each situation.  Ultimately the key to a peaceful life is to treat others the same way you wish to be treated. How we act affects everything and everyone in our lives. What you give is what you get. Looking within ourselves

Silly Humans

What are we but grown up children Run amok  Just look at us  We fight and scream  And argue and hit Like unattended toddlers Without guidance or direction Some among us are shy Some artistic and smart Some become big bullies And tear things apart Insecure  In need of power Competition for approval and attention