Old Soul

This isn’t my first time around on this planet I’ve done this many times before I am an old soul Older than the planet earth Older than the stars I’ve been here since the beginning of time Since before people lived on Mars I’ve seen the violence man can cause  I’ve seen wars and suffering,

Silly Humans

What are we but grown up children Run amok  Just look at us  We fight and scream  And argue and hit Like unattended toddlers Without guidance or direction Some among us are shy Some artistic and smart Some become big bullies And tear things apart Insecure  In need of power Competition for approval and attention

I Am

I am my greatest asset  I am my great ass I am confident  I am rich I am wealthy I am a creator  I am an angel I am a nightmare  I am the dark shadows  I am the light  I am truth I am a reflection  I am joy I am pain I am