Photo Album

Going through these photos They go pretty far back Somehow in my moves from coast to coast I’ve retained my photos I’ve left behind clothes And furniture And rugs And pets And people More than once As they can attest And here I am again Deciding what to keep Only what I need Only what

The Taste of Freedom

I forgot to grab my notebook in my haste I could use a napkin But I don’t like the way my pen Can’t write fast enough To get the thoughts out While they’re fresh I’ve been lamenting much About how I should have Could have Done this a long time ago Left this contract And


Imagine there’s no heaven Above us only sky No hell below us No countries to die for No possessions  No need for greed Or hunger Or brotherhood of man And no religion, too Imagine all the people Sharing all the world Living life in peace, living for today You You may say I’m a dreamer

On This Day

One year ago my spiritual awakening was kicking into high gear…  I wrote: When I was misdiagnosed as having a mental and personality disorder, never once did I use that as an excuse for my words or behavior although I was physically sick, just not “disordered”.  Maybe if I had accepted the diagnosis, I would

Sorry to Myself

Song lyrics by the beautiful ALANIS MORISSETTE… For hearing all my doubts so selectively For continuing my numbing relentlessly For helping you and myself, not even considering For beating myself up and over functioning To whom do I owe the biggest apology? No ones been crueler than I’ve been to me For letting you decide

Make Sure

It is very important that we make sure we are not focusing on  WHAT WE DO not WANT WHAT do what DO we want freedom maybe to live in a home not on the street to feel secure And seen Surrender to the outcome of the divine Detach from the results You may never be