What Does Your Body Need to Heal?

Right or wrongLet's write a songAbout all of the thingsThat feel so rightUsing your brainSaying your nameLooking your own selfIn the eyesYour reflection in a mirrorCouldn't be any clearerA child's bright eyesSmiling so wideRadiating loveFrom deep insideThe child is youThey know what's trueFor guidanceGo to the child inside 4:44DreamingAskingWhat does your body need to heal?Tender

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

If I wasn’t so insecure, I would have left him when he told me  his favorite part about being married was being able to roll over and have sex whenever he wanted.   If I had known better.. I wouldn’t have compromised myself for fear of being alone.  I wouldn’t have done what I did