Our Sirius Healing Team

The brightest star in our sky sits at the heart of the constellation Canis Major, the Big Dog. It is called Sirius, or Sirius A, or the Dog Star.  It is roughly twice as big as our sun, twice as massive, 25 times as bright, and only 8.6 light years away, which makes it one of our nearest neighbors in the galaxy!

With our modern telescopes, we now know that Sirius A has a companion star very close to it in the sky, called Sirius B.  It is not possible to see the companion star with the naked eye because it is a “white dwarf” and much smaller and fainter than Sirius A.  It has 20 times the mass of our sun and yet it fits into a space a bit smaller than the Earth! To find Sirius in the sky, click here.


As you look into the night sky, allow your mind to take you back to the very distant past, before the beginning of life on Earth.  In our galaxy, many civilizations have evolved.  Some have ascended to higher spiritual dimensions and densities that most of us here on Earth are not aware of. As beings ascend to higher dimensions and densities, they begin to access many psychic/spiritual powers, including healing abilities and telepathic/telempathic communication.  As they ascend even higher, they start to become nonphysical, that is, they lose the need for a physical body and become more like “spirits” in the popular sense. 

They also begin to gain the ability to travel throughout time and space at will, using only the power of thought. This includes not only ascended extraterrestrial beings but also the ascended masters of Earth, including Jesus, the Buddha and many others. (This explains why they are always available, no matter where or when you call on them.)

Highly ascended beings have transformed themselves into light. In fact, beings of high enough density often take up residence inside stars! In this way, you could say they are ‘where the action is’ as far as light is concerned. Often they contribute their energy to helping the star generate its light, giving the light positive healing properties. Black Swan Sibyl’s healing team is no exception. They live inside Sirius B!

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Meet Our Team

Here is an introduction to the extraterrestrial / interdimensional members of Black Swan Sibyl’s team of healers.  Three of the four team members have chosen familiar-sounding Earth names to use when communicating with us, although they do have original names in their home vibration which we would not be able to pronounce correctly.

Billy and Maimom are the two primary members of the team and form a masculine-feminine twin flame pair, something like father and mother or doctor and nurse.  They are assisted by a brother-sister twin flame pair, Liam and Trixie, who round out the team with extra support.  Liam and Trixie are also in training under Billy and Maimom, learning a lot through their participation in the team’s experiences.

Black Swan Sibyl ~ Sirius Healing Team ~ Billy


Billy is the team’s leader and eldest member.  He has the most experience on the team and has a very protective energy. Billy is an analytical and mathematical thinker and problem-solver by nature, and so he is the go-to guy who usually has the answer to questions that come up.  He is good at finding the best approach to a situation, as he understands how things work and is conscientious about doing things in the proper order so as to have the best outcome.  We would consider Billy to be very ancient as he originates in a time before the beginning of this galactic experience.  He traces his earliest physical experiences in our galaxy to Lyra, the Milky Way’s oldest civilization.  Since the time of Billy’s ascension, he has come to reside within the white dwarf star Sirius B.  He loves trees and mountains, and his solid, stable energy is like theirs, reassuring and constant.  His symbol is a blue triangle, which also symbolizes Sirius. 


Maimom came to the Black Swan Sibyl early in her life in order to provide her with a loving motherly energy during difficult times.  The sweet-sounding, otherworldly name that she has chosen to give us is pronounced “My-Mom”, and this name helps her offer her healing energies to anyone with a less than ideal relationship with their mother. It is indeed a fitting name for her, as she carries a very loving and motherly energy and has a highly developed ability to know and take care of the feelings and needs of others, much the way a mother knows and meets her baby’s emotional needs.  It goes without saying that we are full of gratitude for her warm, comforting, nurturing maternal presence.  Maimom’s consciousness originated on a planet around Sirius B which, according to our understanding, has long since been absorbed into Sirius A.  Since ascending she now resides within Sirius B along with Billy.  Maimom loves flowing water and rivers, and you can feel her energy by imagining the enveloping and nurturing energy of flowing water.  Her symbol is the spiral.

Black Swan Sibyl ~ Sirius Healing Team ~ Maimom
Black Swan Sibyl ~ Sirius Healing Team ~ Trixie


When Black Swan Sibyl understood that she was going to represent an extraterrestrial healing team, she asked for a strong team that would be able to help with hard cases.  That’s when Trixie eagerly volunteered to join the team.  Trixie is a joyful, very positive being who originated within Sirius B.  She has not had negative lives nor incarnated in negative planes.  She has however spent time on Earth in the Faerie realms and has a great love for the Earth’s flora and fauna.  She fondly commemorates her time with the Faerie by presenting herself as a fairy being, small and very thin and light, with fine feathery wings blue and white in color. Don’t be fooled by her delicate appearance!  Her support to the team is big and strong as she helps stabilize their operations by holding a very loving high vibration.  She has the energy of a smart, gifted medical student who is very curious, very scientific, excited about the experience she is getting on the team and eager to learn more.  Trixie loves animals and green nature, and her symbol is the Seed of Life (part of the Flower of Life), enclosed in a larger circle.


Liam and Trixie originated at the same time within Sirius B. Billy is very smart and curious, with mental aspects similar to Trixie’s, while on the other hand he is also the team’s quietest member. He is Billy’s protégé and looks up to him as an older, more experienced role model that he wants to learn from. Like Trixie he is also very pure, not having had dense or negative experiences. These aspects of Liam may explain why some clients perceive him as young boy. Don’t be fooled though, in spite of his youthful and innocent self-expression, Liam’s highly positive and loving energy provides stability and a gives a strong supportive boost to the team’s healing energies. Liam has spent time on Earth as an elemental being (not a fairy), inhabiting the realms of Air. He knows that wind is the breath of the Earth, helping to purify the atmosphere and bring the energy of life to every corner of the planet, just as your breath purifies your body and brings energy to all of your cells. Besides that, he had a lot of fun as an air elemental blowing things around, including leaves and trees, and he still has a special fondness for sails and sailboats and the appreciation people feel for the wind when they are sailing. His symbol is the astrological symbol for Gemini, the Twins, which is also associated with the element of Air.

Black Swan Sibyl ~ Sirius Healing Team ~ Liam

Liam is in fact related to Billy in the sense of being an aspect of his consciousness, seeking evolution and expansion through apprenticeship in much the same way that each of us seeks to evolve with the help of our spirit guides and higher selves. 

A free introduction to Sirius Healing

Even though this recorded live broadcast took place in the past, the healing offered by Black Swan Sibyl's Sirius B healing team is timeless. By watching this video you can tune in to the energy of the team any time. You only need to allow yourself to receive and align with the energies.

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