What can you expect from a Sirius Healing session?

Your body is more than just the physical body that you can perceive with your physical senses. Even more, your physical body is influenced energetically by its nonphysical layers that are also part of your body as a whole.

Emotional blocks in a person’s energetic field eventually manifest themselves as physical illness, if left unaddressed for too long. Most diseases begin in this way. This is why our current medical science has such a hard time with so many ailments—it does not acknowledge the true causes of disease, especially intangible causes like emotions!

For example, it is well-known to medical science that emotions associated with so-called “Type A” personalities tend to cause heart disease. A bit less well-known is that suppressed anger tends to cause cancer.

There are many more associations between emotions and diseases, but very little actual research has been done on this essential subject! Fortunately we do not need to know all the details in order to address emotional and energetic blocks for the purpose of physical healing.

Black Swan Sibyl is honored to be in telepathic / telempathic contact with four very positive and loving interdimensional beings from Sirius B, the white dwarf companion star to the Dog Star (read more about Sirius B here). Before this incarnation, Sibyl made an agreement with these four beings to serve as the Earthly representative of a healing team made up of them and herself. In late 2015, this agreement was activated, and they started communicating with her, first in subtle ways, then more and more clearly as time went on. In May 2017, Sibyl met Chagai Katz, who gave her her first ET healings and also gave her a proper introduction to her own team, confirming that they were there and giving her a framework in which to understand her contact with them and its purpose. Since then Sibyl has performed healing sessions with the assistance of her Team—you can read about the great results in the testimonials section.

Just like other spiritual beings, the members of the Team are not bound by our understanding of time and space dimensions. They are able to be with us in any of our ‘times’, and if we ask them to come then they are there. If you want to read more about the Team, click here.

Your healing is a cooperative process between yourself, your guides, Sibyl and the rest of the Team. The optimal number of sessions will be recommended on an individual basis. The initial session should include one hour of empathic counseling as follows. We begin the initial session with a conversation in which you have the opportunity to tell me what it is that you want to heal. This can be anything physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. During this first part of the session, the Team will gain information on your state and indicate where there may be emotional blocks, unhealed trauma, parasitic thought-forms, negative entities or other issues. Then the Team to be present with us, transferring energy and performing their healing work.

During this second part of the session, and when watching recorded video sessions, it is good for you to have a quiet place where you can relax undisturbed while the team transfers healing energy.  Often it happens that memories and suppressed emotions about past events will surface within about two weeks following a healing session. This provides an opportunity for you to process, integrate and release feelings that may have been causing physical disease and/or emotional issues for you.

Depending on your needs, subsequent sessions will consist mainly of Sirius-B healing work which can be done remotely via private recorded YouTube video.

The concept of Self-Healing is relevant for ET Healing as it is for any kind of healing, and you can read about my personal experience with self-healing here.

A Sirius-B Assisted Healing session can be done either: in person, in Arnhem, The Netherlands; online via Zoom, over What's App audio or private recorded YouTube video.

To book a session, or to purchase a package of sessions, please follow this link to my secure webstore. I look forward to working with you and I wish you much success and joy on your personal journey!