What can you expect from Sibyl’s Psychic Readings?

I connect with your higher self and your spirit guides to receive their specific messages for you, in order to assist you on your life journey and personal evolution. First, I receive messages for you via meditation beforehand, and then, with the continued assistance of your guides, I make a video in which I explain to you what I am receiving from them.

I like to use different kinds of Tarot, oracle and/or animal totem cards as a way of emphasizing the messages I receive and illustrating them for you, and the guides are happy to work along via the cards. The resulting video will be uploaded to YouTube and titled using an anonymous code name chosen by your guides, and I will email you a link to it.

Black Swan Sibyl ~ Readings Tarot cards

Past Present & Future Intuitive Reading for ‘The Magician’

You can submit specific questions via text message or email about love, relationships, family, finances, career, spiritual awakening, unusual experiences or any other topic of concern to you, or even just ask for general advice. Depending on the question(s), your spirit guides and/or higher self may or may not give answers in the form you expect, but they will always deliver the answers you need in order to go in the direction of your highest good.

You may ask as many questions as you like, but please keep in mind that only so many questions can be addressed in depth within the allowed time for the reading. When it comes to questions about the future, please know that it is always possible to make predictions based on present energy, but the future is also changeable, and we are all constantly making decisions that affect the future.


If you like, you can submit a photo of yourself along with your question(s), but this is not strictly necessary.

To book a session, please follow this link to my secure webstore. I look forward to working with you and I wish you much success and joy on your personal journey!

Please allow 7-14 days from date of payment clearing the bank for delivery.