What can you expect from Sibyl’s Intuitive Coaching services?

My coaching programs put my powerful psychic, intuitive and empathic abilities at your disposal, yet they differ from my usual services in that they are longer-term and somewhat less formal as I get to know you and your story over the course of many sessions.

Coaching is available to support people who want to develop specific personal goals with a targeted perspective and timeline. You may choose the goal you wish to work towards.

Coaching is appropriate for goals that involve releasing old habits and/or developing new ones, as well as goals that call for significant life transformations that can be expected to require time for emotional processing and integration of events.

Coaching sessions provide regular opportunities for renewing of your commitments, motivation and inspiration, as well as for review of your strategies to see what is working and what is not. There are limited spaces available for one-on-one coaching.

Possible goals include but are not limited to the following:

Nutrition, fitness, weight loss & more

Life and career advice

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, I will work together with you to create a program that is especially designed for you, based on an initial assessment and information you provide. I can create a recommendation for a meal plan, nutritional supplements, and exercise as well as present a holistic approach to your personal health and wellness, which necessarily includes your emotional wellness. This type of coaching is more likely to be successful if you commit to compliance with the program we have created and keep accurate food intake and mood records for the entire series of sessions.

If you seek more from your life and are looking to make big changes, then most likely you have already been getting emotional guidance and intuitive hints from your higher self and guides. Yet all too often, anxieties, fears and limiting thought-forms like “it’s too hard”, “I’m not good/smart/creative enough”, “I’m not worth it”, “what will people say”, or “don’t quit your day job” can block us from moving forward to find our joy. I can help you sort through the confusion to find which path is supported by your higher self and spirit guides, as opposed to paths that might be what others want for you or what “society” wants for you but may not lead you to your greatest happiness.

Post-trauma Coaching

Some past experiences are more traumatic than others and can really keep us stuck in a holding pattern. Some present situations can bring us face to face with painful feelings and difficult dilemmas that present no easy solution. This type of coaching carries the motto “Be heard and be healed”. It is for those with personal issues ranging from confusing to frustrating to painful that may require more time to talk through, work through, process, integrate, act upon and heal. I am no stranger to traumatic experiences, having done much work to heal my own.

You will benefit from the coaching experience when you are committed to yourself and your goals. There are limited spaces available for one-on-one coaching. Coaching is online via Zoom, Skype or What's App audio. We will arrange sessions at least every other week and I will also be available to you for support via email.  You can send as many emails as you need to and we will reply at least once a day.  Please keep in mind that we are in the GMT+1 time zone.  (Amsterdam)

To begin your coaching program, please follow this link to my secure webstore. I look forward to working with you and I wish you much success and joy on your personal journey!

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