What can you expect from Sibyl’s Energy Clearing sessions?

People and events in our lives trigger different emotional energies in us, and these emotions can persist and become attached to us. More extreme experiences can trigger emotions that feel unpleasant, painful and/or overwhelming, and then we often form subconscious defenses to avoid the full experience of such emotions. If these defense mechanisms are left in place and not released, they continue to obstruct the flow of emotional energy in our lives later on. Without our even realizing it, they can cause us to react to present situations in a way that might have been relevant in the past but is no longer relevant in the present.

In this way, defense mechanisms become blocks or even attract negative entities that hinder us in life and may even attract more experiences like the original one until we do the inner work to clear them out. Once a block is cleared and our energy body is sealed, emotional information begins to flow once again and we are better able to act and interact in a way that addresses the present and is free from the past.

An Energy Clearing session

An Energy Clearing session places greater emphasis on areas where emotional energy has formed denser blocks or has attracted entities that may be more difficult to clear. I record private videos of myself tapping into the energy and getting messages from the guides.  I will likely spend the initial session identifying lower-vibrational energies around the questioner, their families and/or their living environment.

Once specific blocks and/or entities are located and presented for consideration, the higher self and spirit guides will bring through advice to clear the blocks.

By becoming aware of the relevant experiences, releasing resistance to the emotions, and bringing the blocks or entities into the light of awareness, they can be removed and the feelings can be integrated and transformed.

Usually there are also specific physical actions you can take in your life to help resolve the blocks or entities, and the information revealed in the energy clearing session will also guide you in terms of the practical steps you can take to do that.  It may take several sessions to become completely clear, depending on how many entities, blocks or thought-forms you have and how long you have had them.

An energy clearing session will be done through a private YouTube video.

I am currently only doing clearings in the context of long-term coaching.

I look forward to working with you and I wish you much success and joy on your personal journey!