What can you expect from
Sibyl’s Empathic Counseling sessions?

An Empathic Counseling session gives you an opportunity to tell me your story and have a one-on-one conversation with me about any situations you wish to discuss. 

During our conversation, I can psychically feel your emotions, including subconsciously suppressed emotions which you may not be aware of, and I can even get a sense of the emotional states of other people involved with you.

I perceive the flow of emotional energy in your body and your chakras as emotions and physical sensations in my body. At the same time, I receive understanding about the meanings of these energies from your higher self and your spirit guides, who give me feedback on our conversation in real-time.

This information can help you to gain a higher perspective on yourself, your situations, and the choices you have in them. Your feelings are always your best guide towards becoming the greatest, most joyful version of yourself, and the information I can give you on your suppressed feelings can bring great clarity about how situations relate to your life path and how you can navigate them in an optimal way.

Trust your feelings

As you talk to me I can also feel in real time whether the flow of your emotional energy is blocked somewhere in your body and chakras and why this might be. I can also give you feedback on how blocked energy may be causing physical problems.

We can do your counseling sessions in person, in Arnhem, The Netherlands; online audio call via What's App, or via Zoom video chat.

To book a session, or a package of sessions, please follow this link to my secure webstore. I look forward to working with you and I wish you much success and joy on your personal journey!

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