Ever wondered how your spirit guides might appear if you could see them?

Black Swan Sibyl is not only psychic, she is also an artist channels her inner child to create coded images that she receives from spirit. Telepathic mental images are one form of communication often used by spirit guides, deceased loved ones, earth spirits, extraterrestrials, and other nonphysical and interdimensional beings.

Black Swan Sibyl ~ Channeled Spirit Drawings ~ Darcy Guide
Black Swan Sibyl ~ Channeled Spirit Drawings ~ Blue Avian

Such an image can be a representation of the being itself (a portrait) or it can be a representation of a concept or energy that the being might wish to communicate. Images are often symbolic—in other words, the ideas, emotions or other energetic concepts contained in the image are often encoded in symbols or symbolic qualities of the image such as color.

A symbol might have a personal meaning to the person who asked for the drawing, or it might draw upon a universal symbolic (archetypal) meaning. Images of deceased loved ones or pets will be energetic soul portraits, not necessarily what the person or pet looks like or looked like in life, but their energetic signature.

The channeled image holds the vibration of the entity or energy represented. It is not the case that the image holds any energy of its own, as a crystal or living creature would, it is rather that the image serves as a key to access a certain vibrational frequency and energy codes and awaken these vibrations in the viewer when the viewer allows themselves to align with them.

This means that seeing the image can help the viewer tune in to the very real vibrational frequency of the entity or energy through visual perception. In this way, channeled images can serve as visual reminders of the unlimited nature of our reality and its possibilities, and they can inspire and encourage those that receive them.

Black Swan Sibyl ~ Channeled Spirit Drawing categories

You can request a portrait of your :
– Spirit guide(s),
– Earth spirits,
– Extraterrestrial or other interdimensional beings,
– Energetic soul portraits of living or deceased loved ones or pets, or
– you can request an image chosen by your guides.

Black Swan Sibyl does not take requests for specific images or specific details in the images, but you will receive an image that is for your highest good, according to the judgment of your guides.

Black Swan Sibyl’s channeled drawings are done on high-quality drawing paper, with high-quality artist’s colored pencils. You will receive the original, frameable full-color artwork for personal use. Black Swan Sibyl will retain the copyright on the image. This means that any public or commercial use of the artwork requires her express permission.

Please allow 3-6 weeks from date of payment clearing the bank for delivery.