Black Swan Sibyl Services Overview


Black Swan Sibyl is a powerful intuitive empath, a medium and a channel. She puts these skills to use in offering services to clients.

For those who desire regular one-on-one sessions with Black Swan Sibyl, Intuitive Coaching programs are available. Coaching is designed to help you achieve personal goals that require long-term effort.   During these sessions, she can put you in touch with your spirit guides via Psychic Readings. You can ask your guides about almost anything you wish to know.

She offers Empathic Counseling to help you understand your emotions, how they affect you, and where they may be blocked. To help you with more difficult emotional blocks, she offers Energy Clearings.  All of these services are exclusively available to Intuitive Coaching clients.

Most physical diseases originate with emotional blocks in one's energy field, i.e., in the emotional body. Black Swan Sibyl’s Sirius Healings puts her multidimensional team to work on your physical body issues energetically, through nonphysical portions of your total mind-body-spirit complex, including the emotional body.

Finally Black Swan Sibyl can combine her artistic skills with psychic communication to create Channeled Portraits of your spirit guides and other multidimensional beings. Portraits of deceased loved ones are also possible and will be energetic soul images, not necessarily what the person looked like in life.


Psychic Readings

As a coaching client, you can send me your questions via text or email or ask for a general reading either for yourself or someone else, and I will reply by email and explain to you the messages I receive from your higher self and spirit guides. I often like to use different divination tools such as Tarot, oracle and/or animal totem cards for clarification of the messages I receive. You may ask as many questions as you like, but please keep in mind that only so many questions can be addressed in depth within the allowed time for the reading.

With these personal readings, you can receive guidance, advice and encouragement from your guides to ensure that you take the steps your soul desires to have the experiences you are meant to have.

Readings are ideal for times of transition, change of career, beginning and ending relationships, and other big life changes. I will create a sacred space in order to obtain the most important information from your guides and send it directly to you by email.

Empathic Counseling

An Empathic Counseling session gives you an opportunity to tell me your story in a one-on-one conversation. I can perceive the flow of emotional energy in your body, whether it is blocked somewhere, and why this might be. At the same time, I receive understanding about the meanings of these energies from your higher self and your spirit guides. This information can bring great clarity about how situations relate to your life path and how you can navigate them in an optimal way. Session via What's App Audio, or Zoom Video Call.

Energy Clearing

Emotional energy from traumatic past experiences (either in this life or past lives) can form blocks, attachments, entities, or thought-forms that cause us to react to present situations in ways that are no longer relevant. Clearing energetic blocks allows emotional information to flow once again and we become better able to act and interact in a way that is free from the past. An energy clearing session places greater emphasis on areas where emotional energy has formed denser blocks that may be more difficult to clear. The session will also provide practical steps you can take to clear your energetic blocks. Session via Private recorded YouTube Video

Sirius Healing

Emotional blocks in a person’s energetic field can eventually manifest themselves as physical illness, and many physical issues can be helped by addressing them emotionally and energetically. The Black Swan Sibyl is honored to be in telepathic/telempathic contact with four very positive and loving interdimensional beings from the Sirius star system, for the purpose of cooperating to perform energetic healing work on Earth at this time. Just like other spiritual beings, the members of the Team are not bound by our understanding of time and space dimensions and are able to be with us in any of our “times”. Your healing is a cooperative process between yourself, your guides, Sibyl and the Sirius-B team.  You can read about the great results of Sibyl’s healing sessions in the testimonials section. 

Intuitive Coaching Program

Longer-term coaching is available to support people who want to develop specific personal goals with a targeted perspective and timeline. Possible goals include but are not limited to: health and/or weight loss; life and career; finding peace following traumatic emotional experiences; finding resolutions to emotionally difficult or painful situations. Coaching is appropriate for goals that involve releasing old habits and/or developing new ones, as well as goals that call for significant life transformations. Coaching sessions provide regular opportunities for renewing of your commitments, motivation and inspiration, as well as for review of your strategies to see what is working and what is not. There are limited spaces available for one-on-one coachingSession via email and Zoom Video/What's App Audio Call.

Channeled Spirit Drawings

Black Swan Sibyl is not only psychic, she is also an artist who channels her inner child to draw images that she receives from spirit. You can request a portrait of your spirit guide(s), earth spirits, extraterrestrial or other interdimensional beings, energetic soul portraits of living or deceased loved ones or pets, or you can request an image chosen by your guides. Have a look at Black Swan Sibyl’s gallery of completed channeled drawings!

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