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Where unique healing stones & magickal gifts from around the globe, converge with personal reading services, to serve your ever-expanding awakening process.

Specializing in Healing Crystals

Crystals are widely loved both for their mysterious beauty and also for their equally mysterious healing and protective energies, unrecognized by science. We specialize in beautiful crystals and minerals from Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, Indonesia, India, The Dominican Republic, Mexico and many other exotic places around the world.

Several times a year we travel to locations in Europe and abroad looking for newly discovered and unique treasures crafted in the womb of Mother Earth, for you to beautify your home and to clear and protect your living spaces and raise your vibration. That way we always have something to offer to old customers and new ones too!

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Metaphysical Healing Stones & Magickal Gifts

Visit the shop’s sacred space online and in-person for healing crystals, personal 1-on-1 readings and more unique, beautiful items as gifts or for your collection. The shop specializes in offering beautiful crystals & minerals from exotic places around the world. Your visit supports a female-run, expat business in the Netherlands and also adds your energy in creating a new reality based on love, freedom and spiritual wisdom.


Black Swan Sibyl

Steenstraat 10A, 6828CJ Arnhem, The Netherlands

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Seriously mysterious!

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About Christina Hope Justice

I am an intuitive empath, a medium and channel for spirit. I am an emotional counselor, listener, healer; an artist, writer, painter, friend, mother; and most of all, I am a human being like you.

Like many of you, I am a highly sensitive person. And like many of you, I have struggled with being sensitive in a world that devalues, manipulates and often rejects emotions. It took me a long time to find a way out of my life’s maze of painful emotional abuse, suffering and disempowerment, to find a more courageous, more meaningful and happier life! Now I offer my experience and my intuitive gifts to assist others who are seeking a way out of their own unique mazes and struggles.

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