Welcome to Psychic Readings with Sibyl for Soul Evolution

If you seek more from your life and are looking to make big changes, then most likely you have already been getting emotional guidance and intuitive hints from your higher self and guides.

Yet all too often, anxieties, fears and limiting thought-forms like “it’s too hard”, “I’m not good/smart/creative enough”, “I’m not worth it”, “what will people say”, or “don’t quit your day job” can block us from moving forward to find our joy.

In your session with me, you will explore personal issues and concerns with focused, non-judgmental and empathic dialogue.

Through my psychic ability of empathy and psychic reception of information, I will be able to help you understand the guidance that is coming to you to initiate healing.

I can help you sort through the confusion to find which path is supported by your higher self and spirit guides, as opposed to paths that might be what others want for you or what “society” wants for you but may not lead you to your greatest happiness.

A psychic reading gives you an opportunity to tell me your story and have a one-on-one conversation with me about any situations you wish to discuss.

During our conversation, I can psychically feel your emotions, including subconsciously suppressed emotions which you may not be aware of, and I can even get a sense of the emotional states of other people involved with you.

I perceive the flow of emotional energy in your body and your chakras as emotions and physical sensations in my body. At the same time, I receive understanding about the meanings of these energies from your higher self and your spirit guides, who give me feedback on our conversation in real-time.

This information can help you to gain a higher perspective on yourself, your situations, and the choices you have in them. Your feelings are always your best guide towards becoming the greatest, most joyful version of yourself, and the information I can give you on your suppressed feelings can bring great clarity about how situations relate to your life path and how you can navigate them in an optimal way.

As you talk to me I can also feel in real time whether the flow of your emotional energy is blocked somewhere in your body and chakras and why this might be. I can also give you feedback on how blocked energy may be causing physical problems.

You can ask specific questions about love, relationships, family, finances, career, health, spiritual awakening, unusual experiences or any other topic of concern to you, or even just ask for general advice.


Depending on the question(s), your spirit guides and/or higher self may or may not give answers in the form you expect, but they will always deliver the answers you need in order for you to go in the direction of your highest good.

You may ask as many questions as you like, but please keep in mind that only so many questions can be addressed in depth within the allowed time for the reading. When it comes to questions about the future, please know that it is always possible to make predictions based on present energy, but the future is also changeable, and we are all constantly making decisions that affect the future.

If applicable, you can bring a photo of someone else whom you are concerned about along with your question(s).

I can also use Tarot cards and Astrology to gain insights into your situation.

Ask your questions, and discuss your personal matters during a session of up to an hour and a half for an in-person session or an hour for a remote video session with Sibyl.

Schedule an appointment to receive the benefits of psychic readings today.

An in-person session in Arnhem, the Netherlands is €95 per hour
Remote video sessions are also possible. 
Please note that my schedule is usually full so you can expect your session to be held within 5-7 days.

I can also recommend high-vibe healing crystals from the shop for you to use based on the information I receive during your appointment.

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