Uncensored & Uncut #1 (October 2021)

Here is a new way to support our cause!   Choose how much you will contribute (minimum $5.55) and receive an instant video download of our entire Thinky & Feely conversation, unedited and complete with all of our wisdom, quirks and antics. 

Suggested price: 11,11 

Minimum price: 5,55 

Video length: 1:22:29

File size: 150MB

In this session, we talk about

  • disunity in the spiritual community (not published anywhere else)
  • what is the difference between being delusional and being psychic
  • how to not be tossed about by every teaching (intel)
  • what is a spiritual awakening
  • where do our thoughts come from
  • how do you deal with people who refuse to wake up
  • negative entities and entity attachments

Be sure to send us your comments and questions if you would like us to cover them in a future TF Discussion!




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