Sirius Healing


Black Swan Sibyl is a powerful intuitive empath, medium and channel. She puts these skills to use in offering services to clients.

Emotional blocks in a person’s energetic field can eventually manifest themselves as physical illness, and many physical issues can be helped by addressing them emotionally and energetically.

Black Swan Sibyl is honored to be in telepathic/telempathic contact with four very positive and loving interdimensional beings from the Sirius star system, for the purpose of cooperating to perform energetic healing work on Earth at this time.

Just like other spiritual beings, the members of the Team are not bound by our understanding of time and space dimensions and are able to be with us in any of our ‘times’.

Your healing is a cooperative process between yourself, your guides, Sibyl and the Sirius-B team.

Sessions via Audio or Video call, In-person in Arnhem, NL and nearby or Private YouTube Video. Travel to other locations is possible, with travel costs compensated by the client.

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