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Black Swan Sibyl is a powerful intuitive empath, medium and channel. She puts these skills to use in offering services to clients.

She can put you in touch with your spirit guides via Psychic Readings. You can ask your guides about almost anything you wish to know.

You can send her your questions via text or email or just ask for a general reading, and she will send you a direct email or make a private YouTube video for you, explaining the messages received from your higher self & spirit guides.

She also uses different divination tools for clarification such as Tarot, oracle and/or animal totem cards.

You may ask as many questions as you like, but please keep in mind that only so many questions can be addressed in depth within the allowed time for the reading.

*Please remember, the messages are coming from your guides and there may be some information that is withheld according to the law of free will and/or to allow you to have the experiences that your soul wants to have in order to evolve

Session via email or private YouTube video.

Black Swan Sibyl now offers packages of weekly email readings to guide you on your journey. Each decision we make can alter the course of our future. With these weekly emailed personal readings, you can receive guidance, advice and encouragement from your guides to ensure that you take the steps your soul desires to have the experiences you are meant to have.

Subscriptions are available for 12 weeks, 26 weeks, and 52 weeks. Subscriptions are ideal for times of transition, change of career, beginning and ending relationships, and other big life changes. For these weekly email readings, Sibyl will create a sacred space in order to obtain the most important information from your guides and send it directly to you by email every Sunday so you can prepare for the week ahead.

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$99 monthly subscription, 15 minute email reading : $30, 15 minute video reading : $50, 30 minute email reading : $42, 30 minute video reading : $62, 60 minute email reading : $69, 12 week email reading subscription : $180, 26 week email reading subscription : $390, 52 week email reading subscription : $780


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