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In order to serve you better, I am offering general readings and psychic services under the heading of intuitive coaching in order to achieve an intimate spiritual connection and to facilitate a more focused personal healing experience. The work I am being guided to do is very deep and beyond basic guidance. I seek to work with people who are called to personal ascension in this lifetime. If you have a question or concern that would normally fall under the heading of receiving a healing or a reading, please choose a 60 minute session in the drop box below and we will set up an audio or video call at your earliest convenience.

A longer-term Coaching program and message support is also available to support people who want to develop specific personal goals with a targeted perspective and timeline. One must be intrinsically motivated & absolutely committed to the personal ascension process. 

Possible goals include but are not limited to: health and/or weight loss; life and career; finding peace following traumatic emotional experiences; finding resolutions to emotionally difficult or painful situations.

Coaching and/or message support is appropriate for goals that involve releasing old habits and/or developing new ones, as well as goals that call for significant life transformations.

Coaching sessions and message support provide regular opportunities for renewing of your commitments, motivation and inspiration, as well as for review of your strategies to see what is working and what is not.

The Coaching program package includes audio/video live counseling sessions plus e-mail or text support.

If you feel like you do not need regular face-to-face video sessions, I offer a monthly subscription for message support only. The goal of both the Coaching program and the subscription message service is to support you in becoming empowered.

When you become a client through either of these programs, you can send as many messages as you need to and I will reply at minimum once a day. Please keep in mind that I am in Amsterdam time zone.

If you feel we are in alignment, and you would like to begin long-term coaching or messaging until you reach your goals, please select the 60 minute session option in the drop down box for an initial consultation.

Donations for emergencies or special circumstances may be sent with a written request for assistance here:

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