Energetic Clearing


Emotional energy and entities from past experiences and/or past lives can form attachments, thought forms and blocks that cause us to react to present situations in ways that are no longer relevant.

Clearing energetic blocks and entity attachments allows emotional information to flow once again and we become better able to act and interact in a way that is free from the past.

An Energy Clearing session places greater emphasis on clearing areas where emotional energy has formed denser blocks that may be more difficult to remove.

The sessions will also provide tailored information from your guides, including but not limited to practical steps you can take to clear your own entities, thought forms and energetic blocks.

Prices are for clearings performed remotely and video recorded for you to watch later. Any information or messages from your guides and/or our collective teams will be brought through on these videos.

An initial 30 minute phone or video consultation is recommended. During this session I will create a sacred space to connect with the team and with your guides so I can give you the clearest answers & solutions possible. This is important because negative entities disguise themselves as positive entities and provide false information.

Sessions via recorded private video

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