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Black Swan Sibyl is a powerful intuitive empath, medium and channel. She puts these skills to use in offering services to clients.

She offers Empathic Counseling to help you understand your emotions, how they affect you, and where they may be blocked.

An Empathic Counseling session gives you an opportunity to tell your story in a one-on-one conversation. Sibyl can perceive the flow of emotional energy in your body, whether it is blocked somewhere, and why this might be.

At the same time, she will receive understanding about the meanings of these energies from your higher self and your spirit guides. This information can bring great clarity about how situations relate to your life path and how you can navigate them in an optimal way.

Empathic counseling is a bit like traditional psychotherapy, only better, because Sibyl will work with your energy to help you understand what is blocking you emotionally. Sibyl has the ability to feel your subconscious pain and emotion. That which you cannot or are unwilling to feel for yourself. These are the things that keep us circling the drain and which prevent us from achieving our goals. We each have the potential to become an amazing version of our greatest minds and selves. Yet, each of us have blocks and beliefs we picked up from childhood (or past life) programming that we must understand and decide to grow away from.

Traditional psychotherapy does not consider the spiritual aspects of our divine nature. Metaphysical therapy considers all the aspects of what it means to be human.

We are excited to offer this new and innovative way of healing the human soul.

Sessions will be 60 minutes and held bi-weekly. Keep in mind that we are in the GMT+1 time zone. (Amsterdam)

We anticipate that the benefits of psychic therapy and empathic coaching will become the best healing modality available in the very near future, so we encourage you to be proactive and self loving and take advantage of this opportunity.

Sessions are via Audio or Video call

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