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I am excited to offer this new and innovative way of healing the human soul.

I am pleased to launch a subscription service offering intuitive guidance on a monthly basis!

For a low monthly fee, you can subscribe for my services as a Medium and Empathic Counselor.  I will work with your energy and the energy around you to help you understand what is blocking you emotionally and what steps you can take to free yourself. I have the ability to feel your subconscious pain and emotion. That which you cannot or are unwilling to feel for yourself. These and our attachments to them are the things that keep us circling the drain and which prevent us from taking positive actions and achieving our goals. We each have the potential to become an amazing version of our greatest minds and selves. Yet, each of us have blocks and beliefs we picked up from childhood programming and/or past lives that we must understand and decide to actively grow away from.

Traditional Psychotherapy does not consider the spiritual aspects of our divine nature. The kind of Metaphysical Counseling I do considers all the aspects of what it means to be human.


Each month I will connect with your higher self and your spirit guides to receive their specific messages for you for the upcoming month.  The information obtained from the readings will assist you in becoming aware of your individual blocks and obstacles on your current soul path.  You will receive instructions from your guides about how to navigate your life in a way that keeps you on course for your highest good.  I will do these readings for you every month as long as you are a patron.  

These personal messages are meant to assist you on your life journey and personal evolution.  When challenging negative energy attachments are revealed, Patreon members will receive an exclusive discount on energy clearings and healings offered on my website.

I anticipate that the benefits of psychic therapy and empathic coaching will become the best healing modality available in the very near future, so I encourage you to be proactive and self loving and take advantage of this opportunity.

As a subscriber, you can have access to exclusive content including unpublished videos, e-books, password protected material.  Patrons will also have special access to a private, Patreon member only Facebook support group where you can ask questions and receive help from other people on a similar journey and where I will also participate in conversations.


Thank you for your support and I am excited to have you as a subscriber or a client! Let's keep you on course for your highest good!

Agape Love,

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