Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you still offer readings or healings? I don’t see them on your website anymore.

A: I have adjusted the way I offer general personal services, such as readings & healings since the energies are shifting so rapidly! The work I am being guided to do is very important, deep and beyond basic guidance. I seek to work with people who are called to soul evolution in this lifetime. In order to serve you better, I am focused on readings primarily done on video chat in order to achieve an intimate spiritual connection and to facilitate a more focused personal healing experience.

I accept new coaching clients on a voluntary, mutually agreed upon understanding. One must be intrinsically motivated & absolutely committed to their personal ascension process. Please send me a message if you feel we are in alignment.

Q: How do I book a reading?

A: You can buy a reading in the shop section of my website.  I will email you confirming your reading, then we can decide on a time that works best for us to meet.

Q: Why do you call yourself black swan sibyl? What is your real name?

A: I describe the meaning behind the name Black Swan Sibyl in this blog post. Thanks for asking!

Q:  Since I was very little I have experienced seeing apparitions. They often scare me and make me feel very uneasy. I have since been put on medication and they have gone away. If these are spirits, why do they vanish once I’m on medication?

A: There is a gland in the middle of the brain called the pineal gland, which is also called the third eye because it has photoreceptors in it like the two eyes do in the retinas. Spiritual phenomena are by definition not physical (“spirit” comes from Latin meaning “breath”, which is a metaphor for things that are real but not physical, you can’t normally see or feel them physically), they exist on a different dimensional plane which is roughly speaking also where your soul resides, parallel to your physical body. The pineal gland is susceptible to influences from those other dimensions (like your whole body actually, since your soul is able to “steer” your physical body), and it enables perceptions to come in from those other dimensions into your physical brain to be perceived in a way that your brain understands as physically visual.

Of course it is possible to take medications that suppress the function of the pineal gland so that you no longer “see” spiritual phenomena, but they are still there and you can probably still perceive them in other ways, such as a sense that someone is present or someone is looking at you, or for instance you might feel an emotion that you don’t know where it came from etc (these things can be different for everyone, but in general the clearer one becomes the more easily one can perceive the subtle sensations coming from spirit).

A drug that shuts down your third eye is like most other drugs, they all work by shutting down bodily functions. For example, if you use novocaine, you won’t be able to feel something touching you, even though it is still touching you. Similarly, with drugs you won’t be able to see a spiritual phenomenon, but it is still there and still impinging on your aura (the spiritual part of your body).

Q:  Do you and your husband believe in the theory of evolution? That we all come out of a cell and no ‘creating factor’ interfered?

A:  What we believe (based on a lot of good information) is that these scientific theories are all roughly correct, BUT they are all incomplete because they pretend that everything happens for mechanical or automatic reasons that are just based on some mechanical laws of physics. You put it very well, actually there is a “creative factor” that intervenes in everything. It is the living spirit of the entire Creation, called the One Infinite Creator. Every person, every thing and every happening is a part of this one all-encompassing living awareness. Even more than that, every person, every thing and every happening are part of each other. Roughly speaking, this is the Law of One which is more fundamental than any laws of physics.

Roughly speaking, each galaxy is animated by a Logos or divine Co-Creator that makes certain choices about how life will evolve in that galaxy. The stars in the galaxy are sub-Logoi that refine these choices and make them more specific and more detailed, for how life will evolve in the solar systems around those stars. Each planet has a consciousness as well, and each individual has its own consciousness. Our galaxy has chosen a theme called “The Hero’s Journey”, and so each of us plays out the Hero’s Journey in our own lives in our own individual ways. That means we embark on an adventure so to speak, we meet an “evil” adversary, we suffer because of this adversary, and eventually we overcome this adversary and find our way out of suffering, returning “home” wiser and more peaceful. We can experience this theme in many ways even in one lifetime.

As far as evolution goes, each star (sub-Logos) allows life to evolve on some of its planets. The fact that life is possible is due to divine choices about how the so-called “laws of physics” work. Actually the divinely chosen laws of physics include the structure of DNA and they make the arising of cellular life using DNA unavoidable, if the sub-Logos decides that life will arise on a planet. Then the sub-Logos allows that life to evolve randomly for a while. So the kinds of plants and animals that show up are fairly random, although there is a divine blueprint that causes many animals to evolve into forms like the ones we see on Earth, with four limbs, a head, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and a mouth. Eventually, when these plants and animals become complex enough, the sub-Logos makes a choice of which animal form will evolve further to the intelligent humanoid stage. So, just like on Star Trek and Star Wars, there are humanoids corresponding to every animal type you can think of: cat people, dog people, reptilian people, bird people, frog people, monkey people (who actually did evolve from monkeys, making them different from humans who did NOT evolve from monkeys) etc etc. There are also a great many humanoids that look a lot like we do. They are our cosmic cousins. Star Trek and Star Wars are supposed to be fiction but they are actually based on facts known to the Secret Space Programs. The SSPs use entertainment like movies and TV shows to try to introduce the whole idea of aliens to us in a gentle way (pretending aliens are just made-up stories instead of real) because they believe we would not be able to handle the truth and society would break down into chaos.

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