Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are you still having cosmic conversations?

A: YES! Season 1 of the Vibe Tribe/Cosmic Conversations will soon be drawing to a close together with crazy 2020.

I express deep gratitude to all of the truthers and light workers who both shared their awakening experiences and to the wave of newly awakening people who have benefited from hearing them – thank you for showing up!

Moving forward with Season 2, I will continue to create deep esoteric content via cosmic conversations with leaders and wayshowers about relevant spiritual topics. I will be going deeper with more episodes on specific themes tailored to the gifts and expertise of the interviewee.

If you would like to co-create content with me, please send me a message! The world needs to hear your remarkable story now more than ever!


Q: Do you still offer readings or healings? I don’t see them on your website anymore.

A: I am no longer offering general personal services, such as readings & healings – the energies are shifting too rapidly! The work I am being guided to do is very important, deep and beyond basic guidance. I seek to work with people who are called to personal ascension in this lifetime

I will accept a few coaching clients on a voluntary, mutually agreed upon understanding. One must be intrinsically motivated & absolutely committed to the personal ascension process. Please send me a message to determine if we are in alignment.


Q:  Since I was very little I have experienced seeing apparitions. They often scare me and make me feel very uneasy. I have since been put on medication and they have gone away. If these are spirits, why do they vanish once I’m on medication?

A: There is a gland in the middle of the brain called the pineal gland, which is also called the third eye because it has photoreceptors in it like the two eyes do in the retinas. Spiritual phenomena are by definition not physical (“spirit” comes from Latin meaning “breath”, which is a metaphor for things that are real but not physical, you can’t normally see or feel them physically), they exist on a different dimensional plane which is roughly speaking also where your soul resides, parallel to your physical body. The pineal gland is susceptible to influences from those other dimensions (like your whole body actually, since your soul is able to “steer” your physical body), and it enables perceptions to come in from those other dimensions into your physical brain to be perceived in a way that your brain understands as physically visual.

Of course it is possible to take medications that suppress the function of the pineal gland so that you no longer “see” spiritual phenomena, but they are still there and you can probably still perceive them in other ways, such as a sense that someone is present or someone is looking at you, or for instance you might feel an emotion that you don’t know where it came from etc (these things can be different for everyone, but in general the clearer one becomes the more easily one can perceive the subtle sensations coming from spirit).

A drug that shuts down your third eye is like most other drugs, they all work by shutting down bodily functions. For example, if you use novocaine, you won’t be able to feel something touching you, even though it is still touching you. Similarly, with drugs you won’t be able to see a spiritual phenomenon, but it is still there and still impinging on your aura (the spiritual part of your body).