Hope is My Middle Name

This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world. Although she wants her story to be told, to protect her family, she wishes to remain anonymous. Hope is My Middle Name I was the unexpected and unwanted child of two drug-addicted alcoholics. When I was four years old,

Christ Consciousness

If Love incarnate were to stand in front of you and offer itself to you, would you receive the love being extended to you? Would you recognize Love if it stood before you? Love can only give if it is also received. A connection is required for LOVE to exist and expand. YOU are love.

I Am Being Watched

I’ve shared my journey for my own encouragement and strength, but also because I could feel my friends who resonated with what they were reading. I felt them taking my words and reflecting on their own, similar situation. I am SO proud of the ones who are taking action.. You know who you are, girls

Listen to the Voices in Your Head

In my journey I have learned That life occurs In a synchronistic series Of wake up calls Calling us to awaken to A life of choice Enlightenment As long as we ignore the signs As long as we ignore our feelings We will keep droning along Wondering why we aren’t manifesting what we want It’s

Invitation to the Global Stress Summit

In this healing journey I am learning, that one of the biggest causes of pain in my body is stress.  I knew stress was a problem in most of my clients.  I know that stress is pretty much the underlying cause of most health problems, and I know stress can kill you.  But, like always,