Magical Menstrual Moon Ritual

Prepare for the process three days prior to the Full or New Moon Set your intentions and write them on a piece of paper to be burned Meditate on your desires and what you want to manifest As your blocks come up write down what you need to release on a separate piece of paper

Empathic Coaching

I am pleased to launch a subscription service offering empathic coaching on a monthly basis!  For a low monthly fee, you can subscribe for my services as an empathic counselor.  It’s a bit like traditional psychotherapy, only better, because I will work with your energy to help you understand what is blocking you emotionally.  I

Monkey See, Monkey Do

It has been quite entertaining to watch the hosts I stay with respond to my presence in the kitchen. Not a word has been spoken, no advice has been given, I just watch people respond to my eating habits with theirs. When I roll in with my groceries and put my organic greens and vegetables