About Me

Hi there! I am Christina Hope Justice, the Black Swan Sibyl. I am an intuitive empath, a medium and channel for spirit. I am an emotional counselor, listener, healer; an artist, writer, painter, friend, mother; and most of all, I am a human being like you.

Like many of you, I am a highly sensitive person. And like many of you, I have struggled with being sensitive in a world that devalues, manipulates and often rejects emotions. It took me a long time to find a way out of my life’s maze of painful emotional abuse, suffering and disempowerment, to find a more courageous, more meaningful and happier life! Now I offer my experience and my intuitive gifts to assist others who are seeking a way out of their own unique mazes and struggles.

Awakening to ascension

We are all privileged to be alive at this exciting time in Earth’s history called planetary ascension. In this period, many people will awaken to a greater awareness and a bigger reality than they have ever experienced before. In fact, many have already awakened at the time of this writing! Yet many more have not yet begun to awaken, and so the population of the planet is currently moving through many diverse stages of the ascension process.

For me it is a tremendous honor and calling to be here now to assist my fellow human beings in their awakening processes. If you are curious about the idea of awakening, or if you are already experiencing it, then please know that it is often a crazy roller-coaster ride and that it is happening to many people. It can be laborious at times, but the inner work necessary to awaken is absolutely worth the effort it takes to rediscover your infinite self.

“ It is my mission to support anyone who wants help to fulfill their mission and become the greatest version of themselves they possibly can be. ”

I believe that the vast majority of people on Earth are like grown-up traumatized children, whether they realize it or not. This is because they grew up in a society and with parents who believed that emotions, including their own emotions, were less important than material things. Because of this belief, they often disrespected, invalidated and/or abused their children’s feelings—your feelings—and mine, because I had this experience too. This belief is backwards, because the material world does not work the way we were taught that it does.

Emotions are really our most fundamental tool to find the way to our life paths and our happiness. It is your birthright to find your unique creativity and express it, to find your joy in your own special calling. Following your emotions as they lead you to your calling will bring far greater success in life than anyone else’s ideas of what you “should” do to be a “well-behaved”, “responsible” and “productive” member of society. I do believe it is our mission to radically change the way things are done on this planet. 

Freedom to Love

There is so much more to reality than what we perceive with our five senses. Highly sensitive and extra-sensory people are aware of this. Many people with these gifts have been emotionally shut down and/or labeled as “mentally ill” for perceiving more than ordinary people do. This happened to me and so I know first-hand that it is a tremendous injustice.

There are a variety of loving non-physical or non-physically present beings all around us, all the time. They have a message for us and it is to our benefit to listen. Everyone can communicate with the spirit world, and you do not have to be extrasensory to experience this communication. Everyone has the potential to develop intuition, which is more than just the ability to know—it is also the ability to connect. Connecting first with yourself will bring clarity into your life, and then you can begin to more easily connect, with discernment, with the intelligences outside of you. There is a great deal of love out there, and believe it or not, there’s a lot more to love than to fear in this reality.

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