Welcome Soul Family

Black Swan Sibyl welcomes you to our community of people who are remembering - wanderers, strugglers, seekers and finders. We offer validation and support to all of you who wish to rise above emotional drama and physical suffering, recall your personal power, and emerge into a new, more positive and magical reality.

We are not alone.

Here we can Be Heard And Be Healed!  If you would like to share your experiences with the world in a cosmic conversation, for the purpose of expanding the collective consciousness, please do reach out to connect 

We are now gathering together for the purpose of crystallising unity consciousness 

We are embodying christ consciousness on this planet

We offer a message of Oneness and Love for all

Personal Services I offer

Intuitive Coaching Program
Longer-term coaching is available to support people who want to develop specific personal goals with a targeted perspective and timeline. Possible goals include but are not limited to: health and/or weight loss; life and career; finding peace following traumatic emotional experiences; finding resolutions to emotionally difficult or painful situations. Coaching is appropriate for goals that involve releasing old habits and/or developing new ones, as well as goals that call for significant life transformations. Coaching sessions provide regular opportunities for renewing of your commitments, motivation and inspiration, as well as for review of your strategies to see what is working and what is not. There are limited spaces available for one-on-one coaching.  Coaching via What's App audio, Zoom video chat and/or email.

Channeled Spirit Drawings
Black Swan Sibyl is not only psychic, she is also an artist who channels her inner child to draw images that she receives from spirit. You can request a portrait of your spirit guide(s), earth spirits, extraterrestrial or other interdimensional beings, energetic soul portraits of living or deceased loved ones or pets, or you can request an image chosen by your guides. Have a look at Black Swan Sibyl’s gallery of completed channeled drawings!

black swan sibyl psychic healer portrait
Hi there! I am Christina Hope Justice, the Black Swan Sibyl. I am an intuitive empath, a medium and channel for spirit. I am an emotional counselor, listener, healer; an artist, writer, painter, friend, mother; and most of all, I am a human being like you.
I do believe it is our mission to radically change the way things are done on this planet. It is my mission to support anyone who wants help to fulfill their mission and become the greatest version of themselves they possibly can be.
There is a great deal of love out there, and believe it or not, there’s a lot more to love than to fear in this reality.
I am founding a movement called project inspiration - the intent of the mission is to inspire people to embody their authenticity without worrying about what it looks like.  You can support the movement by using the hashtag
#projectinspiration2020 whenever you are sharing your joy.

Black swan sibyl Christina Signature