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This book is for You if …

… if you’re worried because others think you’re mentally ill and you’re curious to find out if you might be psychic instead.

… if you are having a spiritual awakening.

… if you feel your mental health diagnosis is not a pathological illness but perhaps a result from trauma.

… if you feel there's got to be more to life than ‘this’.

… if you just ‘know’ things and want to develop your intuition or gut feeling.

… if you have searched for God in religion and felt unsatisfied with the outcome.

… if you feel you should read this book, but you don't know why.

Behind the book

What is insanity? According to Merriam-Webster, insanity is a severely disordered state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder. What is disorder but a lack of order, or, according to the same dictionary, an abnormal physical or mental condition. Which leads me to ask, what is normal? “Normal” is defined as conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern; characterized by that which is considered usual, typical, or routine. What are the standards? Who’s standards are they? Usual for whom? Typical or routine in whose experience?

According to my observations, what we are experiencing psychologically as a collective is not “occurring naturally”, which would be another definition of “normal”. My life has been far from natural and I developed in an emotionally disordered way as a result of the insanity I grew up in and lived in.

I was 16 when I first thought “I should write a book”. I was talking to a teacher in my former elementary school auditorium after I had just had a baby and before I was about to go on stage and speak to the students about my life story so far. I had already been through so much difficulty at that point in my life that we agreed I could write it down and share it with others and maybe someone would benefit from hearing it. My life is the story of the wounded healer. It is an example of overcoming obstacles in the face of extreme and unusual adversity. At age 16, I had no idea at the time what the future held or that there was a lot more experience and “practice” ahead of me that was necessary in order to become who I am now and arrive at where I am now.

I have tried writing this book at least twice but the delving into these painful memories triggered drastic changes in my life. I’m now in a safe place with steady support to have healed enough that I am ready to focus and complete the recovering of memories and of writing of the book that has been inside of me for what feels like my entire life.

When you practice something you will get good at what it is you practice. For as long as I can remember, I have strived to achieve deep understanding of myself, my feelings and the energy of the people I loved. I have been questioning and analyzing what I am witnessing versus what I am experiencing physically, emotionally and psychically.  I have spent my life in serious practice of trying to understand the thinking and feeling—and lack thereof—in the people around me and I have become very proficient at it. 

What you are about to read is my life story. It is the story of how I was born at the bottom of a dark and hellish hole, navigated a living emotional hell, climbed my way up through the sewer lines, emerged out of a metaphorical toilet, cleaned myself off, remembered myself and finally found love in the end. It is my personal account of the many ordeals I went through in this life, how I became mentally, emotionally and spiritually traumatized, and how I overcame the trauma and recovered my mental health through an understanding of psychism and spirituality.

I hope that through empathy, it will benefit all who read it.

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