Learning Tarot

I’m often asked by individuals seeking spiritual guidance which tarot cards I recommend.

For beginners who are just learning about the Tarot, I recommend the Rider-Waite Tarot because it contains a rich suggestive symbolism carefully chosen and carefully represented to avoid specific interpretations; because it is the most widely known deck with the longest tradition of use and the most knowledge built up about how to read the cards and how the guides tend to use the cards.

The latter also means there is a morphogenetic field built up around that deck specifically that assists in using it for guidance and insight.

This is not to say that other decks are lesser. Each person is well served to choose the deck that most resonates with them. Every deck has its advantages and disadvantages, including Rider-Waite.

My partner and I know a lot about the Rider-Waite Tarot and we advocate that beginners start with it. We don’t necessarily prefer it, it’s more a matter of familiarity and habit.  The Major Arcana however has a deep metaphysical meaning of use to everyone in 3D.  Different from its collection of divinatory meanings.  The minor arcana may have some interesting astrological meanings but we are still investigating that part for ourselves.

We have moved on to other ways of divination and don’t use the tarot much anymore for this.  At this point we tend to primarily use the I Ching.

I have several different Rider-Waite versions available in the shop.

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