One Hero’s Journey – Cesara Maria Borgia

In my latest episode of Cosmic Conversations, I spoke with Cesara Maria Borgia.

Cesara has a very interesting, varied and adventurous background which we won’t be able to do justice to in this intro, but she will fill some of it in for us during this interview.

She has a very high IQ.  As a child her room was filled with scientific equipment and she taught herself to read and write. She was at the top of her class at school by a wide margin.

She has carried out interviews with combat veterans, mercenaries, and three letter agency people researching hidden truths and trying to understand the causes and sources of human evil,
She runs a geopolitics group and has studied many occult subjects and has had many psychic experiences of her own as well.

Recently she was the target of a severe physical attack that has left her with injuries to her skull and facial bones. Since then she has been approached by people offering her money to help her with medical treatment but with strings attached, she has turned them all down in spite of sorely needing the money.

She is an incorruptible warrior for truth, as we will hear in her stories.

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