How New Age Teachings are Hindering Humanity’s Progress Toward Polarization

New Age ideas like the Oneness Fallacy and spiritual bypassing are hindering humanity’s evolutionary process by keeping our consciousness in a state of confusion.

During this time of civilizational transformation or end of the cycle, humanity and starseeds who are seeking to ascend or evolve would do so by seeking balance, but there is a negative psychological operation in place called “New Age philosophy” that is designed to inhibit us from achieving balance during the time of potential for realization, awareness and spiritual understanding.

This is a time of great catalyst, meant to potentiate us mainly into the positive Service-To-Others polarity (for a few into the negative Service-To-Self polarity), but this process is hindered by teachings that redirect us away from clearing and healing our chakra blockages, of which we have many due to the traumatic nature of our soul experiences.  When we encounter life catalyst, the energy should move up through our energy centers, from root to crown.  When the energy is blocked from moving upwards, we act and speak out from those blocks instead of recognizing them and integrating the wisdom from them.

So we are prevented from accessing the heart chakra and continue cycling in 3rd chakra/3D confusion and below.  We may think we are accessing our higher chakras, when often we are actually being influenced by our own distorted subjective perspective which in turn attracts information to us from negative sources.

How do we get out of confusion?

We must first see the reality that there are two paths: Positive/Accepting and Negative/Controlling.  Here, accepting does not mean allowing negativity and abuse, it means accepting the reality of the negativity of abusive people. This is a necessary prerequisite to taking appropriate action to move away from abuse or to prevent abuse. It is positive to set boundaries. It is negative to allow others to abuse and control you.

By acknowledging negativity, we gain wisdom from our understanding of it and we then enable ourselves to stop allowing it and to move away from it.  We must also acknowledge negativity within ourselves, in order to stop contributing to the negativity in our world.

Here is what I did

In the depths of a toxic situation, I started speaking out about my perception of negative behaviors in others.  When I did that, the people around me revealed themselves to be sharing in and agreeing with those negative behaviors.  They exposed themselves which not only confirmed what I thought might be true, it also enabled me to get clear on the reality of my position in these relationships and to stop making excuses for their behaviors. Calling out negativity in my own life helped me get free from it.  I stopped pacifying others and allowed them to show me how they really are.  I had been afraid to see this before but once I saw it clearly, I realized it wasn’t as painful as I had been afraid it would be and it enabled me to see clearly the harm that refusing to see it had been doing to me.  Being unwilling to see the truth didn’t change what it was, it just prevented me from being able to accept it, which kept me circling the drain in my own distorted subjective perspective.  Acknowledging the negativity enabled me to accept it and move out of the cycle of victim/rescuer/perpetrator drama I had been participating in.  

Just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t true. If you want freedom from deception, you have to be willing to see the real truth and likely feel the pain of it. Sometimes that means having the courage to speak up and see how people respond to you saying what’s true for you. This can be an effective way to get around deception and access the universal truth of what is actually going on.

If you’re co-creating a reality with people who claim they are loving and positive, yet in reality just want to take advantage of you or even seriously have it in for you, their truth can be something you don’t want it to be. It is wise to be honest with yourself about the reality you find yourself co-creating with them, and if you don’t like it, be willing to change your contribution to that reality or even, if things are extreme enough, withdraw altogether.



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