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  1. Daniela
    October 31, 2023

    I just want to say… thank you for your website. I’ve always known that I’m a wanderer soul, starsees. Since my childhood as early as I could remember I always felt as though I didn’t belong here on earth. I have memories before this life path. I know I’m love and daily I meditate and protect the planet and everyone in it. I spread love and light but my life has always been difficult. And though I have this knowing, I it didn’t help me with these earthly inner emotions that have made my life experience difficult. However, I felt I needed to understand what wanderer meant in the eyes of this realm and your information is very very helpful! Reading upon what started and wanderers are brought me resonance, peace and more clarity. Today, I discovered my essence and now I can go out in the world with even heightened energy and with more peace with this lovely vessel that I walk the earth with! Much love and gratitude of the one infinite creator!!!


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