How to Improve the Hydrating and Healing Qualities of Your Drinking Water

In this video we demonstrate some simple things you can do to improve the hydrating properties of your drinking water.

1 Add gray sea salt to the water. Drinking unsalted water depletes the minerals from your body and can lead to nutrient deficiencies, electrolyte imbalances and “water intoxication” which are bad for your health. Most people can only tolerate 1.5 liters (quarts) of unsalted water per day without developing these issues. Water intake must be balanced by salt & mineral intake, usually via food, however people have been overly conditioned to limit salt intake in an exaggerated way due to misinformation. Adding 1/4 teaspoon of gray or Celtic sea salt per liter (or quart) of water makes the water more or less perfectly balanced for human physiology.

2 Spin the water. This invokes a free energy phenomenon not widely recognized by mainstream science. Water molecules (H20, two small Hydrogen atoms and one large oxygen atom) form bonds with each other when a hydrogen atom of one molecule is attracted to the oxygen atom of another. Because of these bonds, the water molecules can form complicated crystalline structures that are liquid yet stable, the structures billowing with the water flows like a flag billows in the wind. Pumping water at pressure through straight pipes that turn at right angles breaks down this liquid crystalline structure, resulting in “dead water” that the body can only assimilate with effort. Spinning the water imitates processes in natural flowing water and restores the natural life-giving structure of the water. Water with a healthy structure is easier for the body to absorb. You can do your own taste test to check if you are spinning the water properly. If so, you will notice improved flavor and smoothness in your well-spun water!

Highly recommend:

3 Energize the water with positive emotional (psychic) energy. The research of Dr. Emoto and his ice crystals, augmented with the experimental techniques of Dr. Radin at IONS, demonstrates conclusively that positive emotions directed at water influence the molecular structure of the water.

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