Watch my cosmic conversation with Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker, Author, and Teacher on Divine Health and the Human Body. She is passionate about reconciling all people to an integrative life: mind, body and soul.

In the video she answers the following questions:

What kind of minister were you and how did you expand from limited Bible beliefs to understanding the message of consciousness in the scriptures?

With your expanded perspective, how do you now view the dogmatism and judgement that many people have due to religious teachings?

Let’s talk about the biofield, which you discuss often in your book. How can we understand our connection with the planet, other people and experiences on this planet and our part in creating or manifesting those experiences?

Many people don’t understand the practical way that the phrase “be the change you want to see in the world” applies to us or how our own frequency contributes to the world we see. Could you give us an example of how we are creating the very things in the world that we see and practical ways to change our reality?

In your book you mention trauma loops such as 9/11 and how memorializing such events keeps the loop alive. How do our individual traumas relate to or connect to the grander scale of the global traumas?

Are we feeding the global trauma loops due to our personal trauma loops?

How can we recognize and begin to heal our own personal trauma loops?

Finally, based on your knowledge, what advice would you give to those who are suffering from anxiety, fear and low self-worth?

Read her book entitled The Science of Miracles – Re-membering the Frequency of Love

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