Achieving Emotional Balance in Triggering Situations

If you ever feel triggered by people when they try to push their way as the only way of being, this is a catalyst that is showing you that there is still something within you that needs to be balanced.

catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

(93.10) All assaults to our senses is a catalyst. All that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a mind/body/spirit complex is a catalyst. The Law of One states that a perfectly balanced entity feels only the emotional response of love when being attacked. (Law of One session 42.4) If we were perfectly balanced (which actually isn’t achieved until 8th density) we would only feel love all the time. What most of us are working toward is this balance. It cannot be forced by just trying to feel love in response to everything—if you have other feelings within you, this would amount to suppressing and bypassing those feelings.

*some of the following content is inspired by Scott Mandeleker‘s book Universal Vision, which I highly recommend since it helped me to refine the emotional healing process I was already experiencing organically.

All feelings other than love must be dealt with and processed in order to heal the underlying traumas or imbalances. If we feel anything other than love when a catalyst enters our experience, then we are being shown that there is something within us that is needing to be balanced. Every conflict we face in daily life can be used to grow if we are willing to do the work instead of cursing the catalyst. Whenever we feel conflict or confusion, there is an opportunity to heal and experience genuine growth. Every time you feel angry, disgusted, regret or fear, it is an opportunity to realize greater self-healing through the expansion of love and wisdom. If we choose not to deal with it, one catalyst or another addressing the same imbalance will continue to come up over and over again.

How do we apply this in a practical way?

Becoming emotionally balanced requires consistent self-reflection. We must carefully observe, accept and understand our own habits, our patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. When someone attacks us, we must first acknowledge our feelings of fear and insecurity. We recognize the thoughts of anger and confusion that usually come first. Without control or blame, we allow ourselves to feel completely. Relief will come by first making peace with these feelings. Accept yourself and your limitations. Acknowledge the responsibility of everyone concerned without blaming anyone (especially yourself!) and then think about how and why the situation came to be.

Once you accept your feelings with your heart, you can then move into your mind and seek deeper wisdom. We unconditionally accept our own psychological process, which then fosters the ability to detach from our habitual personality patterns. When we consistently do this, we become slowly less reactive and our mind becomes more spacious.

This allows us to see our relationships and our circumstances more clearly. We will have more meaningful dialogue, enabling us to share our process with others by expressing our thoughts and feelings in relationships to facilitate mutual understanding. Events, people and situations that used to trigger us into reactive patterns become less charged. Our karmic load is lightened and we achieve a measure of balance. These are steps towards the awareness we had before we came to this planet. Ultimately, as an emotionally balanced being, in every moment we will only feel love.

This is how we return to the mind of god.

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