From Love to Condemnation: Religion as Division

Religion as a Polarizing Distortion of Spiritual Teachings/teachings of Unconditional Love.

There is a big difference between the consciousness of the Christ and the dogmatic teachings of religion.

During the past few years, a great awakening to truth has been taking place all over the world.

Many people have become aware of the global plan to rule humanity by a few people who have given themselves (what they perceive as ultimate) power.

If you have done research and you have found out what is really going on behind the scenes in government, media, education, big Pharma, big agriculture and all of the other institutions of the world but you have not yet researched religion, I recommend taking time to look into it because it will help complete the picture.

There is a big difference between pedantic religious dogma and the teaching of the loving Christ as brought to the earth by Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus did not come here to teach religion, nor did he intend for his teachings to become dogmatised and turned into superstitions.

Jesus the Christ and other spiritual teachers brought light codes to this Earth that transmit love and divine wisdom.

The dark forces on this planet could not alter or diminish these codes.

The best they could do was to incorporate them into their religions and encourage people to distort the messages into misinterpretations full of judgement and condemnation.

As we move into the next phase of our existence, the earth is going to become more loving, more inclusive, more abundant and more supportive of life.

Have you noticed that those who are leading the movement to freedom are mostly god-fearing Christians, or people with a foundation of faith?

And yet when it comes to spiritual teachings, they still transmit an energy of judgement and hate when it comes to those with differing beliefs.

This is because of the spiritual confusion that has come through religion and dogmatic teachings.

In this age of spiritual awakening, everyone will gradually become more and more aware of the reality of the unity of all consciousness. Jesus’s teachings include this concept too, so trying to serve or follow Christ can be a path to unity.

On the other hand, the belief that his blood sacrifice is the only way to truth, or any teaching that says there is only one path and puts pressure on people to follow that path, creates division among people and leads us away from unity.

Our unity includes diversity. We are One yet we are all unique, with different needs, different beliefs, and different paths. Yet all our paths lead to the same place of Oneness with all.

Emulating the Christ means respecting the free will of people to make their own decisions. Putting pressure on people to do what you think is right falls under the heading of control, which is negative. This is also why it is said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The meek, gentle, loving people will inherit the earth. Becoming like Christ means adopting the cosmic wisdom and divine perception of the christ consciousness within your own experience. In practice this means accepting that others may have beliefs that differ from yours.

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