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Advanced Self-Healing 101

Removing negative thought forms and entities
Not all of your thoughts belong to you.

We are all subject to thought forms and entities. We are creators in a fertile matrix that supports the creation of everything, including such things as unconscious positive and negative thoughts.

We are surrounded by an energy field that is called an aura.

This aura provides psychic protection

Many of our lifestyle choices can put holes in our aura, limiting the psychic protection and allowing thought forms and entities that don’t belong to us to enter and influence our thinking and feelings.

Meditation and self knowledge can help one to distinguish between their own feelings and those of external influence.

There can be varying degrees of entities or thought forms stuck or embedded into our aura or our astral, emotional and mental bodies which can attract experiences to us that feed them with our feelings.

These are usually due to past life or early childhood trauma

In order to heal and remove these entities, we must become adept at self knowledge and dedicated to meditation

I have heard stories of people who were driven mad when they began practicing meditation, but if you know that there are external consciousnesses influencing you, you can begin to recognise their energy in order to disagree with them and begin to recognise them when they intrude.

There are people who can also help to remotely remove these entities, but it depends on you being able to recognise and disagree with them so they don’t come back. When you don’t feed them, they will go elsewhere

Future self-healing videos to come:

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