Awakening and Integrating Our Fragmented Mind, Body, & Spirit – Amaria Sweet

Amaria has years of extensive training in Meditation, Intuitive Remote Viewing and Psionoc interfacing and Corporag Grid Work. Holistic NLP Mentoring paired with a Psionic Multidimensional Mind Body Spirit Connection approach; pairing Intuitive Remote Viewing (IRV) with Astral Bi-location, Etheric Surgery & Corporal Grid Work, and Nutritional Coaching.

​Imagine finding balance and regaining your personal power and wellbeing; having a Simple Game Plan to become your Highest and BEST Self; through Intuitive Guidance and Integrating and Reframing Trauma Triggers, Disassociative Personalities, SRA, MILAB, SSP, PTSD, the Inner Child, addictions & other issues.

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