Conscious Construction of New Earth Communities – Jason Depatie

Jason has quite the (painful) story of overcoming of tragic events. Since he can remember, he has been involved in several life altering events, nature vs human as well as human vs human, all before the age of 20. Growing up in a broken home with no financial ability to seek assistance, Jason went from rock bottom to building his way back to normality. Jason has also had some spiritual experiences in his journey to inner peace; imagery, visionary, and telepathic communications from his benevolent guides.
Through his experiences, it gave him strength and determination to successfully complete college and earn a career in Architectural Designs. He currently is studying for his Ontario’s B.C.I.N. certificate to be able to design and stamp drawings for Residential Housing and Small commercial projects.
Jason has plans to create new town/village type communities that are completely self-sufficient and create as minimal impact on the environment as possible. It’s a large goal, but with enough determination and belief, he will achieve it.

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I hope you are enjoying these conversations and I hope you are encouraged by hearing others’ remarkable journeys as we bring the great awakening and move into the new earth.

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