Keeping Positive During Tumultuous Times – Peter Colaric

Peter is a musician, singer/songwriter, and a conscious warrior. He comes from Slovenia. He has been writing music for close to 8 years, but only recently decided to start releasing it and getting out there. He has also opened up a business, where he teaches musicians how to become songwriters, and passes on his amazing knowledge of guitar. Peter is an amazing conscious being, he takes action every day to achieve his dreams, and he’s just getting out there, doing amazing things, raising the vibe.

You can connect with Peter here:



Become a Songwriter Course:

Become A F****** Legend (Advanced Songwriting Course for Guitarists):

A Warrior Calls Website (Check Foundational Knowledge and Common Law section):

The Video of The Monument (That I talked about):

Forefathers Monument

The lecture from David Straight, that explains a lot of stuff:

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