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Paul Boggie Brighton

My Healing and Spiritual name is Sifu Boggie ( SEAFOO BOG–GEE) I Am a Trained DragonDog Shaman, Barefoot Doctor and Cloud Whisperer, With these skills I help other lightworkers ensure they stay Supercharged and never burn out… Paul Boggie Brighton ( a.k.a. Sifu Boggie ( pronounced SEAFOO BOG–GEEEE)) For the last 38 years I have studied the Daoist Skills of a Barefoot Doctor and DragonDog Shaman and Cloud Whisperers. These Practioners use such skills as Qigong ( Energising Exercise), Shun Dao Qigong (family system), Tai Chi ( Little Brother to Qigong), Dragon Qigong, Shun Qi Shen ( Chinese Reiki) DragonDog Shaman Shun Qi Shen ( DragonDog Shaman Reiki) , Chinese Massage ( TuiNa, Tit-Tar, Acupressure, Reflexology And Shun Dao Massage), Energy Healing, Daoist Philosophy And Life Coaching and more… In essence… Everything you learn, Enhances everything you do… Everything I learn helps you… As for me… I help people heal themselves and release decades of chronic pain and fatigue, stress, and anxiety while showing them how to tap into unlimited energy to ensure you never burn out… I have used these same techniques to help Healers, lightworkers and Coaches to keep themselves supercharged and ensure they never burn out… I teach DragonDog Shaman REIKI and Teate Reiki Online which Downloads Spiritual Energy awakening dormant abilities…. I also teach Qigong (Energising Exercise) Online – and self healing techniques to Balance Health and Wellbeing, and to create and enhance longevity… Under the Weekly interactive classes… All classes can be found on my Patreon… Their I teach groups or personal classes both in person and online As ongoing or set courses… You can find out more and get Free lessons on… Love, Qi and Shen Sifu Boggie I hope you are enjoying these conversations and I hope you are encouraged by hearing others’ journeys as we bring the great awakening and move into the new earth. If you would like to share your experiences with the world in an interview like this, for the purpose of expanding the collective consciousness, please do connect with me through my website or whatever platform you are watching or listening from.

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