Manifesting Intimacy in the New Consciousness – Kevin Parkinson

Kevin started his “awakening journey” in his early teens and has been moving progressively toward the essential meaning of life ever since. In his early 20s, through the performance of music, drama and comedy and an organically developed deep listening of music within and without, he realised there was more to life than what the world teaches us is real, and that this deep reality within was more real than this world.

As a response, he started searching the external world (through literature, spiritual books,, music, spiritual teachers, etc.) to find what he was knowing within, which was that he wanted to live for the truth that he was knowing in his heart.

For the last 21 years, Kevin has been a part of a spiritual community in Canada focused on direct knowledge, the nature of awareness and consciousness and the embodiment of these. In 2012, he began deeply researching into the illusory nature of this world and what is really going on beneath many levels the surface. Among other things, this filled him with the desire to be an answer to this imbalanced world, and currently knows that his soul’s purpose in this life is that.

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