Intro to Healing Stones (crystals) 11-11-2020

Healing stones, crystals, metaphysical rocks – how do you use them?

Once you have chosen the stones, get to know the stone, meditate with it, touch it, hold it, align with the signature of its energy. If it makes reasonable sense, carry the stone(s) around with you on your person, in your pocket or against your skin for a week or more. You could also sleep with the stone in order to intuitively connect with the frequency of the stone.

For crystals that you can’t or shouldn’t carry around, place your hand on the crystal or hold it during meditation and tune into the energy signature of the crystal.

Place crystals around your living space. Place them in specific locations to amplify the energy in the room. (Look up crystal grids)

When using them to heal a specific (chakra) energy center or for a specific metaphysical purpose, you can lie down comfortably and place the stones on your body over the energy center(s) you are focusing on.

Here is a video I made showcasing a few of my favorite stones and their metaphysical properties.


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