Heal PTSD & Addiction Like a Jedi – Ryan Rif Parks

Ryan Rif Parks

Rif is a Djedi Mind Tech. Long ago while trying to learn a new style of firestaff spinning, some fun guys showed him a new way to learn how to learn faster.

He reverse engineered what was working and synthesized the best of everything into a Bo staff lightsaber and light sword spinning system called Kung Flow.

Kung Flow will show you how to unlock the operating system of your brain, and learn how to manually engage The power of your subconscious mind as a secondary drive.

the first thing he will do is use math and science to prove that your brain is already well over a million times more powerful than a supercomputer.

and show you how to harness all that cognitive horsepower.

this system self-propelled him from Total noob to world-class world touring firepro in about a year.

But then he discovered he loved teaching the art form more.

A random class at a drug rehab led to a young woman showing him that Kung Flows physical performance enhancing techniques could be applied to PTSD and addiction healing.

after seeing countless clients power through gnarly PTSD and end hardcore addictions he gave up performance life to fully developed this new approach to healing.

it has been 10 years of brutal struggle to bring the system to you. It’s so good it was suppressed to the point of sabotage and death threats.

why? Because you are already a million times more powerful than a supercomputer and all you have to do to put that vast power into play is learn how to spin a light sword or a Bo staff like a boss.

and you can heal PTSD and addictions and power up your entire life purely through the power of your mind.

He also has been on a very strange path uncovering the existence of an actual order of ancient Egyptian Djedi.

Of which you might be One.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for. So the next level is now.

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