Focus on Creating 5D

I have noticed
In the last few days
Maybe a week
Since the beginning of October 2020
Just how quickly things are manifesting
How literally, my reality changes with my thoughts
So fast
Its almost scary

So this is what I am thinking
I am thinking about what I want
Now more than ever
Not putting any energy into what I don’t want
No energy for that whatsoever

What do I want
My reality to look like next week?
Next month?
Next year?
The next 5 years?

I want freedom
And peace
I want clarity
I want to feel empowered
I want to feel detached
From other people’s journeys
So that I can guide
Without fears or worries

I want a world without money
A world with magical technology
Clear communication
People with open hearts
I want to feel like I can trust
And be trusted in return

I want revelation
I want what is best for the evolution
Of all parties involved
Whatever is best for you long term,
That is what I wish for you
Whatever is best for my soul
That’s what I wish for me and for those I love

And guidance
I ask for guidance so I know which way to go
I ask for clarity
For healing
For understanding
For peace for all creation

This is only the beginning of my list
I’ll make it throughout my head all day
Thinking as I go along
About what kind of world I want to create for my fellow humanity

What does your future world look like?


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