Creating the New Earth by Virtue of Artistic Inspiration – Lore Vanelslande

Today we are connecting with Lore Vanelslande

Lore is really passionate about the discovery peoples creative core, their innate talents.
She loves being a portal for creation, and holding space for people in session, to unfold their innate being, especially creatives.
Some of her work is providing an energetic environment for people to anchor in their innate blueprint, or their innate gifts which occurs mostly in session

Another recurring theme is that she also very interested in the structures where children/youngsters arrive to be educated or formed.
She has unique views regarding the environments we send our children to, as those environments shape their inner value system a lot.

As well as environments where creativity is being supported or brought into full bloom.

She writes about that, and some of those writings can be found on her website.
She is also in the process of putting together some courses on those subjects.

Lore is an artist who makes geometrically based drawings, or coded drawings by hand.

Website :

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Facebook : Lore Vanelslande

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